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Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

To be a successful Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant you should…

  • enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • be flexible, patient, and compassionate
  • follow directions well

What will my job be like?

Speech-language pathologist assistants assist the speech-language pathologist with speech-language and hearing screenings. They may follow documented treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising speech-language pathologist, assist with informal documentation, and perform checks/maintenance of equipment. They may also support the supervising speech-language pathologist in research projects, in-service training, and public relations programs.

Where could I work?

Most speech-language pathologist assistants work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or speech and hearing centers. They may work 40 hours per week, and some may work part time.

Other workplace settings:
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Practice
  • Public Health Departments
  • Schools

What is the average annual salary?


What is the future of this career?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that employment opportunities for speech language pathologists assistants are expected to increase 10%  to 14% from 2016-2026.

What type of education and/or training do I need?

Each state has training requirements that range from a high school diploma to a baccalaureate degree plus graduate credit hours, as well as a variety of requirements for supervision. In addition to state regulatory agencies, state education agencies also may credential support personnel to work solely in schools to support service delivery provided by a qualified speech-language pathologist.

Where can I get the education and/or training?

  • Sacred Heart University, Fairfield
  • Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs
  • On-the-job training is received by working with a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

Do I need a license or certification for this career?

Licensure is not required in the state of Connecticut.

Where can I get more information?

Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc.
360 Queen Street
PMB# 250
Southington, CT  06489